Be a contributor

Being a contributor to Exmoor Gallery is very easy.

Once your an approved contributor, you can either supply your own stock or the digital image and we will do the rest.

We display and promote your images, whether framed, mounted only or a photography product, such as fridge magnet in our Minehead store and or online.

Charges: our commission on all sales is 30% of sale price, plus costs, for example, credit card charges and if you don’t supply the product, the cost of manufacture and or supply of product sold.

Any commission is paid 14 days after the end of the month of sale, ie a sale in the month of January, your payment will be credited to your bank or PayPal account on the 14th of February, or next working day if over a weekend.

If your interested in being a contributor, just get in touch and we will do the rest, studio@exmoor or 01643 888008.